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Cronus zen scripts reddit. 05. It's scary to think how many Cronus Zen Users are in Destiny 2 Discussion. $100 to never touch grass or get pussy ever again, must be sad. Zen scripts only let you set the time your button is pressed and released. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Welcome to the Star VS the Forces of Evil subreddit. I followed the steps to install them and still You know, I tried disabling cross play to fire up a ranked game and 15 minutes must’ve went by, before I gave up. You screwed yourself out of a much better experience choosing the zen over the matrix though, I’d urge you to reconsider. But nothing happens. Hello! Just got a Cronus Zen for halo infinite and I wanted to set it up to be played on PC with KBM, but running into a lot of issues getting proper configs for right mouse movement, sensitivity etc. You should try it and its really not that hard to set it up. We do NOT, nor claim to own the rights to anything related to Collective Minds, Cronus Zen, Cronus Max, or any Cronus Related Products. Our Scripts Rust Call of Duty Battlefield Fortnite Rainbow Six Siege AND MORE. I haven’t used the MW3 script that much compared to The Finals, but it’s worth checking out. I know for a fact zens are overpowered, because I have a friend that uses one and always talks and shows me how good it is however I don't want them to know I use a zen which Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. Xbox X - Xbox controller I attach the game pack to the Zen adjust all values to match in game play and still none of the game packs work. He also has his own discord server. Check out lethal panda videos on YouTube, he explained how to do The way I suspect them of doing it is actually rather crafty. Does anyone have a proven guide on Zeitgeist - Cronus Zen MW2 / Warzone - More Aim Assist options than any other script. Check out the pro game pack for apex. Watch these videos again, you know it's aimbot. Sounds like you want an aimbot, which Cronus cannot provide. Also includes Dribble Moves such as Momentum, and Curry Slide!. I didn't find any free scripts when I got it new, so I thought you have to buy a good script. I cannot get any game pack to save to the zen in Zen Studio. I thought they were banning accounts for using the zen. I tried downloading some scripts from the cronus website and the cronus library but all of the scripts are just extremely shaky, have no difference, or make my aim worse. All the scripts are people trying to make you pay them. Hi, I’m looking for a group of volunteers that can help me write an app or firmware fork for the Flipper that can act as an external aimbot for games such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, Roblox, etc… can anyone help? Ppopoffffffffff. Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. MembersOnline. Don’t ask me to spend money, not happening lmao. mods, gamepacks, scripts etc, just don't seem to work? i've followed all the steps, (updated firmware, programmed or put the gamepack on my cronus zen, customised my settings) etc and they just dont work. Any tips or tricks you guys have…. Yo! So I just picked up a Cronus Zen from a friend and I was wondering if it only works when I use a controller, or if scripts with anti-recoil, rapid-fire, etc. 1K subscribers in the cronus_zen community. Join us for game discussions, tips and tricks, and all things OSRS! OSRS is the official legacy version of RuneScape, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. 5K subscribers in the cronus_zen community. And remember dont pay for scripts. Kick out all of the PC players from being able to connect to console arenas. The table below is the current library of Cronus Zen GamePacks – all available to download free of charge in Zen Studio. try to upgrade to a lower version of the zen and then re upgrading back to the newest software. Users show up on this sub every day to express their hatred of Cronus users while utilizing racism, homophobia, death threats, and even requests of self Make sure you're using the BETA version of ZenStudio and your Cronus is updated to the latest firmware. Basically it's a device for console (Probably pc too not sure) that allows you to scale Aim Assist from some to insane levels, make any weapon full auto (Not that this will matter Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. I was using my Cronus and it was working completely fine, then I tried adding a new one script and it wouldn’t save, I’ve tried factory resetting it but that don’t seem to work, any help would be appreciated. You gotta get a aftermarket controller, they are like $30, but after that and settong up the app it's a home run. READ THE RULES BEFORE POSTING OR COMMENTING! AGAIN-ANY SELLING OF SCRIPTS ON OR OFF SITE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE BAN WITHOUT WARNING. Zens do not work on 2k. gg/txw38hFk. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! The community for Old School RuneScape discussion on Reddit. 12K subscribers in the cronusmax community. VapeCartConsumer. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! The cronus zen has a bunch of mods you can download and the increased aim assist works by moving your aim super fast that the aim assist is always on. One is a plug and play scrip which can be used for every game (extremely easy) The other scrip is only for Apex and you get extra stuff, one of them being rapid crouch when hip firing. It's getting more and more common and I don't see it slowing down with how hard it is to detect the cronus. Features. Download from the Discord . Take a look at TD‘s ProAim 1. gg It’s definitely got it’s benefits if you’ve got the time to spend setting it up and refining it, but it’s just way too much effort for me. Can anyone help me just got a zen was wondering how to set it all up and can you set it up with a MacBook Pro, any pointers will help thanks. I have my zen fully updated, the zen studio is fully updated but my scripts dont do anything. But i need them 🥺. Stick Drift Removal: Alleviates joystick drift for enhanced aiming…. [deleted] •. s (MACROs ON DEMAND), optimized for the latest patches and updates. Edit: And no, there are no "universal" scripts, every weapon fires different depending on RPM, bullet type, etc. Thank you and have a good day/night! Go to cronusmax. Sword by far the best. Which I can also confirm, works FLAWLESSLY. Use the HighWater script. https://discord. You buy yourself a $100 device, which is cheap af, idk why you children think $100 is a lot, proving your age there lol. Hey guys, just got my zen today and tbh I've watched hey guys I’m a coder and I’ve developed a new Finals script. Cronus Zen Call of Duty Warzone. I watched all the videos and copied them 1 to 1. please message me if interested in buying my script. Veritas posts there and makes R6 scripts. dem0ra1. ADMIN MOD. The last one is for loading game packs or scripts to the zen. 02 139 KB 2338 downloads. would you be able to help me ? Join the official cronus discord, scroll through the various servers until you see scripts, click on the apex legends section and pinned in the channel is the best script for apex no question under Highwater. Award. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! All Cronus product downloads can be found here. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Just Got a Zen, Any script suggestions for Warzone 3? I’m not too familiar with how to apply them and adjust the settings but I can figure it out with some trial and error, A beginner friendly one would be appreciated :) Thanks for Posting! Be sure to Join Our Official Discord, ZenMaster Hub for Scripts, Anti-Recoil Spreadsheets, 1 on 1 Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. 00 & v1. That's one of many tho. The Cronus isn't worth having anymore. 0 script and I’m try to figure out how to use it I have everything setup I put in values but when I hit any buttons to shoot it just doesn’t do anything with the script im just using my regular timing. I tried the scripts in the past and they are very effective, but it doesn’t suit my play style and I prefer not to get pushed into lobbies with pro sweaty try hards who sniff 20 tons of gfuel a day. gg/yKQ4Pbr3 Kiwiko has one. Take the time and I watch the videos that are with it. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Are you looking for a discord server that has the BEST FREE Cronus Zen Scripts and the best settings? Well you should join Sea Scripts. If you need help with a script, please use Script Support in the Cronus Zen Community and staff or other members will be happy to take care of you. I went to the firing range and noticed the recoil is still terrible even though I have adjusted it. Designed to help level the playing field for players of all skill levels, this community supported GamePack includes expertly designed M. Made by the Community, For the… Zen Studio is the software that gives full control over your Zen hardware with multiple levels of configuration, as well as easy access to advanced mods, scripts, and macros, a powerful and fully upgraded GPC script compiler, and a huge range of pre-configured GamePacks with the latest mods for the latest games. The official discord is the best place to go to discuss scripts for your preferred game. Apex BEAM! This GamePack was last tested using a PS5 and Xbox Series X on with no errors, no disconnections, and no warnings. Thanks for Posting! Be sure to Join Our Official Discord, ZenMaster Hub for Scripts, Anti-Recoil Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. The developer supported, community-run subreddit dedicated to the Fortnite: Battle Royale game mode by Epic Games. Best script is throwing your cheats in the trash and actually playing legit. The show ended in May 2019, but that doesn't mean the fun is over! You might be a brand-new fan looking for a show that's a little weird and wild, or maybe you're an old fan still lurking around because you aren't ready to say goodbye to our beloved show. Pretty simple. Hope you are having a Great Day! I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. DOWNLOAD GPC. (Or I’m doing my values wrong like a dumbass). We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Do you know anything about AI Aimbot with Cronus Zen? Is this just fake? No you won't get true aimbot from a script, zen doesn't work like that. Mycontroller is working properly aswell, however when i'm shooting or aiming none of my scripts are doing anything. ago. Gotcha, I’ll try out the kroexs’ script. I've tried factory resetting and unplugging and replugging multiple times, but Don’t buy a script, join a community where you can get one for free. kroexs’ script is pretty much A+ if a bit tedious to set up but you don’t need to worry about minor sensitivity settings…and side note avoid LethalPanda at pretty much all costs, he’s a known scammer and most of the scripts he “sells” are free. Im also using it now for R6S, it removes recoil for me, auto lean, auto ping on shoot, drop shot. Good day, I'm new to the cronus community, just got one a couple days ago and figuring it out. This provides good players a more chalenging experience. Return it. 2. • 10 mo. Made by the Community, For the…. I have downloaded the R6S 16 and 32-bit game packs off Zen studios. Factory reset through a computer. DM me (Droppin Jewelz) in the discord saying "Secret If you had watched that many videos, you'd have seen that ZenStudio has a buttload of free scripts available as soon as you download it. It does not work unless you can replicate the exact same shot from the same spot with the same contest every time. what are the best settings and script for warzone and mw2 have already tried a lot but you hardly notice anything aimassist I don't feel at all and anti recoil is also minimal have already joined discord servers but see nothing or read nothing would like some help with what i can do best. I've been going crazy for a week now. Okay so i’m not really sure who to ask for this. Any help would be much appreciated. but i play siege with the cronus zen on xbox and i use this pack for no recoil. Could anyone guide me into the right direction? ADMIN MOD. This server is used to help you setup your Cronus Zen. Are you using the right cables remember the micro b isn't for data transfer the mini b is for saving scripts and everything only use the micro b for updates! Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. You're better off going keyboard and mouse via xim for PS5. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! . It’s free, and is really good. Turn off aim assist alltogether in competative game play like arena/cash comps. 3. Haha how bad do you have to be. I also went and bought a Titan 2. is there a way to find one for both or is it because that’s not Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. Reply. Pretty sure even the people who've made the Cronus Zen say that all the scripts available are free and to avoid buying scripts. It's not soft aim. The zen comes with 3 cords. I've been using the Dragon script, since the beginning of MW3, I can say it's the best, I used other scripts, but no other served me so well. a) completely ban Cronus and all similar devices or b) completely allow Cronus and all similar devices, until native mouse and keyboard support is I am using a Cronus Zen I bought today. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Found a solution bro well at least for me, so hold the blue button on the left and on the right, the Bluetooth and script selection now keep pressing those buttons do not let go at all plug in the cord to the PC but still do not let go keep holding those two buttons downgrade to an older version with you still holding the buttons if that does Cronus Zen and Rainbow 6 Siege. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! r/Cronus_Zen Official Discord Server. They exist. I had the same problem most of the time couldn’t save the scripts saying How big is the diference of using a good script in Forntie with cronus zen vs playing fortnite without a cronus zen. it also includes a Fortnite mods on it as well. You get real aimbot through remote play on consoles. You see, by posing as angry users who are filled with hatred of Cronus users, they are making Cronus users look great by contrast. They may have some benefit in their own way, but it's usually just a good script someone renamed a bit and sells it off as their own. It take a little time to configure and get used to, but it definitely takes away recoil. I can help you get set up & understand the zen within an hour. If anyone has one lmk I’d definitely like to try a new script out. Hello, i bought a zen yesterday and am currently using it on my ps5. No you don’t. Why you should join The Best Cronus Zen Scripts Expierenced Developers All Scripts are FREE. [deleted] • 1 yr. Stupid dogs. MW3 Lite Script Public v1. Basically the zen is a gigantic waste of money. Follow instructions to update. I have the free DL of warzone on PS5 and tried out some scripts and it seems to not work properly. Free scripts here https://discord. r/Cronus_Zen Official Discord Server. He shows Cronus Zen and Computer Vision. I’ve recently got a Cronus Zen. Party up with friends from all around the world to chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of player-created rooms, or build something new and amazing to share with us all. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Although you could try using an anti recoil script and/or a rapid fire one for your load out. 01 & v1. Tailored for those who want to keep up to date on the pro scene, tournaments, competitive plays and figure out new tips/tricks on how to play the current meta. I just wanna chill and play, not spend 3hrs to set up a couple classes just to get rekt by an aimbot hacker in warzone when I jump out the plane. You need to change the cable. I’m using the 2k24 chicken v1 1. If you're not sure what a Cronus Zen is here's an example of what it can do. Im doubting to buy a cronus zen but im questioning how much of a difference it can be. The only problem is I can’t find a pack to control the horizontal recoil, the one i have only controls vertical. Every shot you take has different timing. The short one is for updating the zen, the long micro usb cord is for your controller. Hey guys, my Cronus Zen on my PS5 somehow doesn't work with the Anti Recoil. depending how far they programmed their engines. I have been looking everywhere for a script that is good and I got a okay on but it doesn’t work to good so if anyone good send a link for a free one…. I’m willing to admit I use to cheat my head off with zen, but recently I threw mine in a bin in my closet, and been enjoying playing legit. help would be much appreciated. There is no auto green. Never buy scripts, free scripts are the best. Can be free or paid, just want the best one. 0. Apex BEAM! Cronus GamePacks are the latest pre-configured MODs and exploits built by expert scripts in the Cronus Community for PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo Switch. I have a zen but haven’t used it since MW3 released. I’ve tried out a few today and none of them are taking away my recoil. Looking for a script, they have one on the Zen website called basketball 24 but it’s not consistent enough. Mines been nothing but problems and collective minds just keeps telling me to hard reset and it does nothing. I have windows 10, am using a vpn (tried without as well), and have windows security disabled. All other info you would need are in well written guides on their main website. In Zen Studio, 'Use Legacy 16Bit Compiler' found in the Device tab MUST be disabled. Rust console w zen on, AK self adjusted with rust game pack show y’all it works. Join the official discord. The advantages are crazy. Ok so First, the most popular script I see on apex is the anti recoil script, I mostly see this in ranked sometimes in pubs. The best thing you can do is find a good jump shot and practice. Discord Invite_ https://discord. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Cronus not saving scripts. If your accuracy is to good it reduces your aim assist to the "average accuracy rating 66%) Step 3. Zen Studio Beta (current version: 119). Made by the Community, For the Community. •. Dragon script for me and the best script, it's very good. Plebs, every single Cronus user. I tested it in game and it works but I am unsure as to what universal anti recoil settings to place as I have to manually change it every time I switch guns/operators. If you are having trouble with Mouse and Keyboard, there are hundreds like you that play with them. You get your Cronus finally kill the ppl that are clearly better than you just so you can have some sense of accomplishment in your pitiful lives lol. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Cronus Zen Scripts. The Basketball 24: Perfect Shot features exclusive mods including Timed Shots, Four Shot Profiles with Jumpshot, Catch and Shoot, Stepback Fade, Layup, and Reverse Layup. might help your problem lmk. 'Controller Vibration' MUST be enabled in the in-game settings. (Even if you’re controller). Bloody talentless losers, having to cheat. Remember, No Selling Scripts or Spreadsheets Allowed, No Trash Talking Cronus Users, and Absolutely No Making fun of Automod! Also read the full rules. The best era of GPs was verdansk with the pro pack. More happy to send pictures and even hop on a video call and show the script on my zen 👍🏻 thanks again. I’ve partnered with DoGz to help and create values. Looking for a good script I can run on apex. Can someone please help me? Imagine having a cronus. And on the kill cam you can see it shake really fast but it's hard to notice because how little it shakes. and then it was all yours for free again and the people who sell them just copy the free ones. With a well configured and tuned script it can be a different game. Subreddit for sharing CronusMax and Zen scripts and advice. Add me on discord (iqlessmemes#0471) and I will give you a lot of scripts and/or discord servers for free, including the black magic one and the YewWorks master script which I leaked. WE’RE HERE TO HELP. jigsaw v1 no shake at all no recoil and sticky aim assist im iridescent in warzone and crimson in multiplayer ranked. * Aim Assist, Rotation Assist, Idle Target Cronus zen on console. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Its worth brother, you can find it for 100$ sometimes even cheaper. You will be unstoppable with this pack! Looking for 2K24 scripts. Actually improve by practicing. Share. This allows bad players to feel competative. r/cronusmax. Rainbow six siege scripts. O. Fuck offffff. 1. Afterwards use the right side outlet on the zen to plug it in to the computer to use zen studios. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Whats the best cronus zen script for mw3? Get a life. Learn from other users and improve your skills. I’ve got 2 scrips for Apex Legends. Now I just need some good scripts for rust. We have a LFG (Looking for Group) section where you can find others that play with Cronus Zen. The weird part is it used to work, but now it doesen't. We Provide Leaked Scripts, Spreadsheets, and Help ALL FOR FREE, Guaranteed! Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. The primary reason is to level playing field against aim assist controller. Anyone who uses it, your parents didnt raise you right. Low-Army-1320. Check out discords and stuff, you rly shouldn’t pay for scripts. But am I wondering if this…. Cronus zen - Halo infinite PC. Script Request. work with just my KBM (Keyboard and mouse) or if it was only compatible with the controller. D. Subreddit for sharing CronusMax and Zen scripts and advice Members Online I GOT NBA 2K24 UPDATED SCRIPT !! 20$ ZEN SCRIPT, 40$ TITAN SCRIPT, AUTO GREEN AND DRIBBLE SCRIPT 100$ Community Dedicated to the Gaming Devices Cronus Zen and Cronus Max. Cronus zen. Our developers are here as well, is there an issue or a bug? Cronus Zen (Apex Legends) can anyone tell me a few things about cronus zen (apex legends). Join the discussion on r/cronus_zen and share your best mw3 scripts for the ultimate gaming experience. us nj gy eu eq vf ae yw vc gw