Telus international test answers reddit. r/Lionbridge was created to share experiences of working from home for TELUS International (formerly Lionbridge). My welcome email said I was hired on for results satisfaction. The sub is NOT official, and all the discussions and contributions shared here are purely based on our own experiences as employees/independent contractors. This means you are done with the exam and now you will receive an email whether you passed or not. I'd suggest you to check atleast 2 or 3 times before you submit. Telus Internet Safety Evaluator Study Material. The Reddit LSAT Forum. It took a couple days until I got more. Good day everyone, I heard back from Telus, saying that my cv is under final review, and that if successful I will recieve a Quiz that needs to be completed within two days. Please do not skim-read the 160+ pages general guideline and expect to pass with flying colors. • 2 yr. The problem is I didnt understand well the steps in the e-mail and I’ve created a whole new account on Headway platform and applied again for the job. Ads Assessor. They tell you in the emails. I completed roughly 35 before no surveys available appeared. at most, tingin ko nakaka-3-5 hours lang ako per week. Not sure what to do about that. The purpose of this sub is to share the wisdom and experiences of working at TELUS International, previously known as Lionbridge. I’d email them and check to make sure. In their last e-mail they said I'd have access to eLearning material and the instructions to access my qualification exam on Wednesday 31th of May 2023 (TODAY). Louis Arch. The exam was extremely easy in my opinion! Short and open book! 2. If anyone has any tips or been through this process themselves, please share You can’t do this job if you don’t read and write fluent English. ResidentSwim8948. Check your spam if you never got it. The reply was that they were sorry--due to a tech issue they could not send me the exam info but they would do so the next time the exam r/Lionbridge was created to share experiences of working from home for TELUS International (formerly Lionbridge). . junothon3. As a Safety Evaluator we have to evaluate the questions asked in the test after which the scores will be assigned. When do you think I’ll hear back? You have to chose wich one is the correct phrase, it's more an attention test. I’m about to start posting about it on other socials so maybe they’ll finally do something. I've actually passed the test and worked for them for a month and a half befire I resigned two days ago. You get an email telling you if you pass each part, before you start the next. Canadian analyst here. New SubReddit for US Raters. For example, 10 pages x 30 minutes ÷ 60 minutes = 5 hours. I think our tasks are similar but I don't get the monthly feedback scores, I use try rating, and I'm paid Question about Personalized Ads Assessor qualification exam. I'm unsure who to contact regarding my question. Post any questions you have, there are lots of redditors with LSAT knowledge waiting to help. If you make too many mistakes they wont allow you to continue the exam. I will say that quality control for the answer key appears to be a bit… half ass? The role I was trying to qualify for was “media search analyst” (lol “analyst”). The second time I took more of a “pessimistic” approach to my rating and I passed. Usually there are around 115 tasks. Hey guys, i finished the qualifications exam for the ads assessor project in 22 february , i was told that i would get an answer in 7 days but i haven't heard back since? Should i email them, or wait a bit longer? Archived post. I feel like I’m overthinking these, and hoping some seasoned vets can help me get some clarity. A place to talk about making an income online. Since in the previous mail they mentioned that after user Jun 1, 2021 · Online Non-Voice Freelance Work Opportunities. I read the document several times, had a text-to-speech software read it to me I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with both maps analyst role in Telus and Slate project in Appen. Alternatives to TELUS? Ads Assessor. Someone had 111, I had 98. I was on a waitlist, but just got an email yesterday that spots opened up and I should hear back soon. They hire more people than there are tasks available. Search Query Relevance Evaluator - Final Test. I'm so frustrated. 1. Reply. They have a country residency requirement that you must have lived in the country for 3 consecutive years. I’ve been with Telus since end of January, and I thought I was really starting to get a feel for these tasks - until yesterday. It's actually most often up to 28 hours a week. OP • 2 yr. 23 USD, a 30 minute task gets 6. Archived post. - - - Disclaimer: r/admu cannot provide official answers to inquiries about admissions, shifting, etc. Then compare the scores and do the same for your 3rd attempt if you fail again. I'm currently in the process of being hired as a US Rater for TELUS International AI; I have passed all three parts of the Rating Exam and I have received an email regarding my results and what I am supposed to do next. TELUS contracts jobs either directly, or through a third-party with a bigger company. • 3 mo. Prepare for Interview Questions: Along with the technical exam, be prepared for interview questions that assess your problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and alignment Sep 24, 2022 · 11. This time I counted 39 which means I only got 1 wrong. After successfully completing the exams and undergoing ID verification, I have yet to receive any further communication regarding the status of my application. An international community for students around the world applying to universities in the US and elsewhere! Members Online To get the F1 visa or the I20 Form, do you need to show funds that total to the 4 years cost of attendance or to just for one year? r/Lionbridge was created to share experiences of working from home for TELUS International (formerly Lionbridge). Does anyone have any recommendations for the next best thing? So far I've looked at Rev, Modsquad, UHRS, and nothing comes close. Online Data Analyst Exam. Example: -one question someone searched up what kind of head they needed for a specific banjo and the ad took them to Amazon to buy that specific banjo. If you fail in this part of the exam, there may be an opportunity to take the exam a second time. Continue Reading. I can only answer that for the Rater exam. I think that test is really unfair because even in my mother language, it was not that easy to distinguish the differences between the phrases. /r/MCAT is a place for MCAT practice, questions, discussion, advice, social networking, news, study tips and more. Media Search Analyst Quiz. If any one experienced the same, please help me out. The exam mainly comprises three parts. Waiting on further instructions at this point. Depending on how you want your funds to be deposited, you may incur a significant fee ($60 or so I passed the Theoretical Exam easily, and felt extremely confident in my answers for the PQ Exam, but received the failure email within seconds of completing it. Result satisfaction Q. 17th October 2023 A. However, you will want to keep Telus’ values and what they are looking for in a candidate in mind when taking the test. This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your interest in their company. Be careful overthinking questions because they aren’t expecting you to. nickolazx. I thought I was being conservative the first time but I failed. Sort by: Search Comments. All the instructions and required comments are in English. I have this job, it is focused on making calls. true. This has indeed been my experience, with the telus. Sounds like the same situation as yours. I just started working for telus and my question is about the tasks rating. r/TELUSinternational. I passed the Theoretical Exam easily, and felt extremely confident in my answers for the PQ Exam, but received the failure email within seconds of completing it. I've applied for the said post in Telus, So i got a mail from the team to agree the terms and conditions which I did and yesterday got a mail that I will get more additional details of exam and another mail which will contain the exam link. The test will assess four primary personality characteristics: Extroversion; Dominance; Patience; Formality; This test is untimed, and there are no right or wrong answers to the exam. Sensitive_Process_37. 2. I've just finished the final qualification exam of this project (60 questions) and just got a message that the test is finished without a pass/fail result displayed (unlike the practice/education set). If you think about it, each page on each exam you're allowed up to 30 mins to complete and submit. No response from Telus. Experience working for Telus International, Appen, Remotasks etc? Hey, I'm a Canadian journalist and I'm looking to talk to people who have worked in contractor/freelance positions for companies like Telus, Appen, Scale AI, Remotasks, e2f and so on. However, my concern is the conflict of information I May 12, 2022 · It is an open book exam , so you can use the general guidelines to find answers to the exam questions. Many Raters in the r/TELUSinternational and r/Lionbridge subreddits have expressed a desire for a separate sub to address the unique experience for those raters working as a W-2 employee of Telus in the United States. The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is offered by the AAMC and is a required exam for admission to medical schools in the USA and Canada. Is this 5 min per video or per page? Do i consider this one task or each video is separate task? 12 votes, 20 comments. Hi rater friends, I am an Ads Rater in Spanish from Latam and I have been working in the ad rating program for 3 months, today I received an email indicating that I have been scheduled for an Absorb (Learning Management System) English (LQA The purpose of this sub is to share the wisdom and experiences of working at TELUS International, previously known as Lionbridge. 3. What is the correct answer? : r/TELUSinternational. sign the onboarding forms, 3. •. Wait for the email with your result. Appen has some search positions listed but I'm weary of losing both accounts. Definetly not a scam. I just finished what I assumed was the only exam for the Online Data Analyst role. Maybe your application didn't meet this requirement? 1. Initial Interview After the first 20 surveys it stopped and didn’t have any surveys. For an avid reader, the number of pages may not seem dreadful. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. This time though the email says there will be two parts to the exam and I have to pass the first part to move to the second part, but the first time Practice Problem-Solving: Practice solving data analysis problems and exercises. Every e-mail I have received so far The official student-made subreddit of the Ateneo de Manila University. It's description is exactly same as Telus description and both are "maps analyst" role. 4 of those links bring you to a website that you do not have access to. Go through the online samples first to get a rough idea of what you're dealing with, and then study the mistakes you made in the guidelines or you'll be reading them for hours. 69 USD, and so on. The sub is NOT official. I took the language test and then scheduled the exam. Internet safety evaluator. com first and got the exam a day later. Moreover, both their guidelines are 174 r/telus. Leave the rest as it is. If so, ask the recruiter this information, as the pay rate is confidential information within the company. r/WorkOnline. I took the ads assessor exam a couple weeks and unfortunately failed but they are letting me take it again which is great. The first part is a theoretical open-book test. I thought the same thing. Hello, I simply applied on their official website, got a reply after 6 days mentioning I was suitable for the role, then they asked me for an alternative email where they can send me exam details. Within every email, there is a link. Completed Wednesday, deadline was Thursday, today is Friday. It was extremely easy, took ten minutes to complete when it said it should take an hour. I am just confused. Everything was ok until now. I've done the exam twice now with no feedback "due to the high volume of applicants" - the first time around I counted and got 29 surveys so I knew I failed. Particular-State-474. I think the tasks depend per person. In your next attempt only change those 12. I wasted a whole lotta time taking quizzes, reviewing guidelines, etc for the exam, which I failed twice. It says for example "approximately 5 min" but on the page they are a few videos. These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves. I'm currently working as maps analyst in Telus, and toay I got an invitation from an Appen proect, named "Slate". This can help you develop your analytical skills and ability to work with datasets. I didn't receive that email, so I emailed THEM to confirm that my application had been rejected. Other positions are probably different. Internet Safety. They do this to guarantee that all the tasks will be I found that you need to be really conservative with your ratings. Some of the questions were confusing to me though as I'm not sure if they were trick questions or outdated. I had already clicked on the Nov 12, 2021 · The one-step secret to passing the first part is understanding the guidelines. Hello. What is the correct answer? Which is not a valid argument (only 1) Kate bought 5 new sweaters and she already has 3 in her closet. Hello, I’ve failed the qualification exam for the Personalized Ads Assesor position and recently Telus gave me another chance. But truth is, these hundred pages contain thousands of minute details that need your attention. They might limit your hours when you're new for a length of time. Does that mean I've failed the test or that I'll get an email with the result later? Yes. If there is an official from TELUS Jan 24, 2023 · Sample question and answer of test by Telus International. Hello I didn’t pass the second part of the test and I feel like I’m over thinking things. It doesn’t matter if your locale is not an English speaking one. Any tips is greatly appreciated :) My biggest notes for page quality ratings from the Guidelines is: Low quality is either pretty obvious (typos, ads that block MC, bad writing) or is YMYL topic with mixed negative For everyone experiencing “No tasks available” right now. G. The gig economy has taken the stage in a constantly changing labour market, offering a wide range of alternatives for those looking for flexible employment. But still didn't get any response 😕. I finished the exam and got the “there are no more surveys” message and then there was another option that said “check now” and more surveys show up. Good luck all! ETA: I applied for the Data Analyst AI position and received the map analyst test. The reason for all of the NTA. Did you ever find out? I have a bunch of tasks on ewoq, idk if this is the exam itself. multiple choice rating questions to evaluate the ratings from low to high and making the improvements based on the results. S. They won't give you the feedback. Contact the official pages/offices related to your concerns for more concrete answers. Finished the exam Sunday night and got the results today (Tuesday) though the exam wasn't due until Thursday. You should have gotten an email from Telus before hand saying this would happen. Best thing to do would be to have a look at your answers, note which ones you are 100% sure are right, then from the remaining answers pick 12 that you think are most likely to be wrong. I'm just hoping to talk broadly about the kinds of tasks you've completed and what your Wᴇʟᴄᴏᴍᴇ ᴛᴏ ʀ/SGExᴀᴍs – the largest community on reddit discussing education and student life in Singapore! SGExams is also more than a subreddit - we're a registered nonprofit that organises initiatives supporting students' academics, career guidance, mental health and holistic development, such as webinars and mentorship Thank you for taking the time to complete the Entrance exam for the Ads Quality Rater role with Welocalize. I just came here to comment on how the "Data Analyst" position for TELUS is not an actual Data Analyst job at all. This is not a question, but an observation. You shouldn't expect to be that fast at first or when introduced to new tasks or major guideline changes, but it doesn't seem to be an issue for most people after a few weeks. I wouldn’t be worried about it. It was 3 parts. And the results will be available only Exam Data analyst. I think I took like 1hr30min to do the first part (excluding the time it took for the last 2 pages to be available), and though you should take as much as you need, I kept within the recommended 1-2 hours for parts 1 and 2 (not taking a break within the part TELUS International (Personalized Internet Ads Assessor) I applied for a Personalized Internet Ads Assessor position. I got the email from tryrating. That means that there are 8 sweaters in her house. Feeling fishy about a data analysis position with Telus international…. Here are something you might want to know: Onboarding takes weeks. The best place on Reddit for LSAT advice. Despite sending follow-up emails, I have not received any responses. This includes random jobs, online employers, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites. They have a set number of tasks, or a set number of billable hours. It's a nice gig to work concurrently with a full time job during slow periods, but routinely logging significant hours after a full day's work just for an extra $1,200 a month could potentially burn you out after a while. Hopefully this is helpful, if not, consider contacting HR! InternalLab6123. I think it depends on what your full time job is. Lemon_ayye. upload ID, 2. If I pass the quiz then I will proceed to the guidelines and tests. ago. sana lang Created out of necessity, this subreddit is a place where market researchers can come to ask & answer questions, post industry news, and share tips, tricks, and techniques. After finding out you passed the entire exam, TELUS will send you about 5 different emails with different tasks (1. I really wish I had documented how long it took me exactly for each exam. Then I checked the EWOQ website and it lets…. You'll know where to look things up and find what you need when you're answering the Tips for US Rater exam part 2. She got rid of all other sweaters she has in her house. Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had the experience where they didn't receive an exam but got their r/Lionbridge was created to share experiences of working from home for TELUS International (formerly Lionbridge). 223 USD, a 10 minute task gets 2. upload I9, etc). Yea I think you maybe right, but then why don't they reject me directly ? why to keep my application in process 🥲. So a 1 minute task gets 0. Concerned on Next Steps. When I took the test, I did maybe 3-4 questions at a time, then did my normal work, came back and did 3-4 more, and did what I could. We are here for encouragement, support and to build a sense of community for homeworkers. Only_Bit9641. Info. Media Search Analyst. Data Analyst. I applied through indeed, went through a process of submitting an app after a follow up email. Important-Piglet7631. Online Data Analyst Exam - 39 Surveys. Got the email that, if I passed the final applicant review, they would send me the exam info on a certain date. Just wanted to drop in and give y’all some info on this - I’ve worked for Telus/Lionbridge for some years now as a Search Quality Rater (U. You need to pass two exams before even making a cent, one of them quite literally took me 5 hours to complete. It they will select you then you will get guidelines and exam. tropospheric_nimbus. MembersOnline. . ), and every year around this time there is a severe drop off in task availability (likely due to minimal staff during the holidays Personally, I've often found that the less time I spend on a multiple-choice test, the better I do, but it really depends on the person. It was just an applying process and a short question answer. Check out the sidebar for intro guides. It’s real, but it can be a pain sometimes. Just go through the guidelines, take time , you should get atlst 85% , They ask 90% to pass. • 3 yr. I know that seems generous but I think the pages were of good quality/good reputation. Hello, I'm applying for the search query evaluator position from a Country in Latin America. I thought it was the same as US rater but I've since found out it's a bit different. Express-Comb8224. The test is very straightforward, at least for me about a year ago. May 2, 2024 · I interviewed at TELUS International (New York, NY) Interview. as for the pay, it's good naman. I’m about to take the exam and I’m kind of confused. Pay in U. Nov 12, 2021 · The Telus exam is an arduous qualifying exam that is taken up by candidates to apply for job positions in Telus. Thoroughly read the rules before creating any post. • 6 mo. It consists of 32 questions, each containing 4 true/false statements, which makes it a total of 128 statements to answer. I checked your scores and unfortunately, they did not meet the minimum score for passing. However, with some calculations you’d be capable to calculate how much money you’d earn from the gross amount of salary and how much you’ll earn with for example, 40/h per week. It's very irritating and confusing to call it that. The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is the test required to get into an ABA law school. i just dislike that it's 1 month late, and from hyperwallet to your bank, it takes 3 business days. Sorry for the late reply, as I don't really use reddit that much BUT to answer your question they will send you an email (HR) letting you know that they are still interested to get you on board and will set you up for another test with the date, on the said date you will receive an email from them just like you received them the first time. I was given a test about images matching other images. Magar. Exam. Part 1 has 10 pages, part 2 has 7, and part 3 has 7. When you answer this question, it’s important to show that you’ve done some research on the organization and understand what they do. This is your place to exchange helpful information, ask questions and share tips about your experience working as a regular Rater for Telus International in the United States. Passed Rater Exam. But the thing is: 15 minutes are not enough to answer carrefully every question. and if they send you directly to qr task after 50-60 tasks, it means you failed. Tell us why you want to work at TELUS International. an extra 15K year is worth it to some people. I applied for data analyst in December. How PASS ? - NEW TELUS AI Language Quality Assessment (English) Ads Assessor. Our system is designed to show as "Task completed" and disallow you to move forward with the next sections if you did not meet the minimum score on since i have a full-time job, very rare lang ako mag-work for telus. Here’s an example: Your input image is the St. so far, no problems on my end, but some people say na mabilis maubos yung tasks kasi nga maraming competitor na assessor din. Most of what I rated was either high or between high/highest with 1 medium. My exam ended with "no more surveys" but after more than 30 tasks. starry101. I was given a second attempt, and spent almost the entire week studying the guidelines a second time. But it's only 20 hours a week. 4. I’ve been working for them since January (in US) and task availability was a problem, but ever since April they haven’t paid me or reimbursed me for anything. Received exam details after 5 days and completed it within two days though one week was given. With permission to post the link here by this sub's moderator, I am pleased to invite US Raters to Other then a period of a couple weeks between Christmas and New Years, there's constant work for US Raters. Apparently, we have to answer all the tests in English…. The first few questions took me a really long time to figure out, but it gets easier the more you do it and you get faster. Ads assessor qualification exam. Away-Classroom-697. ai side at least. I just took the test on Friday. TELUS is great. Then one more week until I got the exam and study materials. To add: I haven't even done any Map Analyst task yet. Welcome to Telus US Raters (Unofficial Group). I received an email talking about accessing the exam on EWOQ but nowhere to find the learning materials. is around $14/hour and that "hour" is based on how long the company estimates it'll take to complete the assignment, not the actual time you put into it First paycheck will arrive four to six weeks after you submit your first timesheet. Share. I just took the rater exam part 2 and failed so I have some questions. If you received 115 tasks there is a chance you'll pass. We try as much as possible to avoid negative content because we would like to maintain positive vibes. Continue reading. It is hard for me personally to make these calls, but if you don't mind that, then it is great. vl ez ys re oz sv dd gr xi oh